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Best Chromebooks to buy- Top 5

Published on: Sept. 6, 2020


Best Chromebooks to buy- Top 5

Chromebooks have made considerable progress from their modest beginnings. What began as modest, lightweight laptop options have advanced into multitasking machines that can deal with anything you toss at them. What's more, they give some of the best laptops out there a good run for their money.


Best, you go out and get yourself a Chromebook, but it is essential to know precisely what a Chromebook is and if it’s right for you or not. Chromebooks are essentially lightweight laptops that run ChromeOS as compared to the macOS or Windows.


As ChromeOS is a more lightweight working framework, Chromebooks are intended to deal with less demanding, less processor-concentrated errands. Therefore, these portables are ideal for many people, especially for those who don’t require a full-fledged OS to take full advantage.


They are also versatile, as you can now install apps, counting Android applications — and use it to a degree without wifi connection as long as you can do it on Google Chrome. You can also download an app for it from the Chrome Web Store, from browsing the web to editing images, there is no task these laptops cannot handle.


They are likewise more reasonably priced than most Apple and Windows laptops. They have astonishingly long battery lives to last you an entire workday plus some movie watching on a solitary charge. Regarding performance, performing various tasks capacities and features, Chromebooks can easily hold their own against many popular laptops. From some of the best 2 in 1 laptop to the more premium Google Chromebook models, a Chromebook might just be the perfect portable for you. Check out the top picks we are going to share with you:


1. Google Pixelbook Go

Image Via Google


Google proceeds with its convention of making the best Chromebooks in the world. The company never has disappointed users with its devices. While its previous Pixelbook used to possess the best position, it's been supplanted by Google's most recent Chromebook. Pixelbook Go is a Chromebook that proves that these devices can be just as stylish and robust as conventional PCs, and the Pixelbook Go brings a ton of the first Pixelbook's superior highlights to a more cost-effective version.


One of it's most significant highlights is the excellent battery life, which can outlive numerous conventional laptops easily and implies you can go a full work or school day without charging it. Also, there is the fact that you close the top, leave it for a couple of days, and when open it again, it's despite everything got a lot of battery life left—something Windows 10 laptops failed to do so.


Its splendid keyboard is likewise worth bringing up. It feels incredible to type on, and makes taking a shot at it extraordinarily agreeable. This has implied we've quit utilizing more remarkable and costly laptops considerably for the Pixelbook Go. 


2. HP Chromebook 14

Image Via HP Support


The best Chromebooks balance a deal cost and effective utilization of Chrome OS, and the HP Chromebook 14 is the ideal case of that.


Although it resembles the Acer Chromebook 15 in many ways, this 14 inch Chromebook is a bit more compact and looks marginally better.


Supplemented by a brilliant blue completion and a screen made to amaze, the HP Chromebook14 offers the best estimation of any Chromebook out there. Regardless of whether the battery life and performance are normal, the HP Chromebook 14 is effectively a standout amongst other Chromebooks to date.


The most impressive part of this Chromebook is how slim and light it is, and that means the HP Chrome is an excellent device for someone who needs a dependable laptop that they can serenely heft around with them. If you need a laptop to chip away while relaxing on a couch, this is a good consideration.


3. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook

Image Via Lenovo


The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook works both as a laptop and a tablet, so it delivers two form factors at a time. This Chromebook uses the Chrome OS’s adaptability and sets you back substantially less than many of the top Windows tablets out there.


Of course, like all the best Chromebooks, its battery packs an incredibly long life of almost 22 hours. So you could pull dusk 'til dawn affair, work during the day and mid-evening, you'll despite everything drop before it runs out of battery.


At this cost, penances must be done naturally. The keyboard isn't small, the trackpad isn't solid, and the charger and earphones share one port; notwithstanding, if budget is your first concern, those are not significant issues.


4. Asus Chromebook Flipc436

Image Via Asus


The Asus Chromebook Flipc436 is a brilliant Chromebook that proves that these devices are sleek, stylish and premium and not just budget-friendly. The Chromebook comes with an Intel Core Processor and a full HD display.


The Asus Chromebook Flipc436 is a ground-breaking performer that will stay aware of any everyday errands you expect it to perform and offers a lot of significant worth without settling on performance - a precarious act that numerous other Chromebook producers neglect to accomplish.


The Flip’s touch screen feels soft and pleasant to touch for tastes. It’s more responsive, and the Chromebook Flipc436 shares the same caveat as other Chromebooks on the market. It also has features that can enable digital art, streaming, and excellent video calls.


This Chromebook has been out for a while now, but it still impresses brilliant performance and excellent build quality that’s thin and light and puts many more expensive laptops to shame. In case you're on a careful spending plan, this one is one of the best Asus laptops to consider.


5. Acer Chromebook Spin 311

Image Via Acer


If adaptability is your main concern, then look no farther than the Acer Chromebook spin 311. This all-rounder has all the makings of a great Chromebook, from its excellent battery life to its full form and dependable ease of use.


Nonetheless, the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 takes it further with its noteworthy flexibility levels because of its abundance of ports considering its size, 2-in-1 structure, compact size, and excellent touchscreen display. It likewise flaunts a keyboard and a touchpad that is solid and satisfying to utilize. That is an uncommon thing in laptops now.


The small size means it’s effortless to carry around with you, so if you are looking for the best Chromebook for traveling, this is. However, the small size may mean some people find it uncomfortable to use for long periods, especially if you are more used to it.



Whether you are a Facebook addict or just need a device for checking email and working, you should consider buying a Chromebook. Chromebooks are convenient to utilize, helpful to take in a hurry, and cheap. If you think a Chrome OS PC is perfect for you, and are tired of Windows and don't have an unlimited budget, our list of the Top 5 Chromebooks is worth a look. 


Chromebooks, in general, are immune to malware. But some laptops have biometric authentication such as fingerprint scanners that promote the level of security. Chromebooks are a great laptop alternative that provides flexibility and longevity. If you think you’re in the market for a laptop, then indeed take Chromebook into account.


These laptops are incredibly affordable and highly capable and are great for the necessary day by day utilizes for work and amusement purposes. If you need a laptop to install and run large software, spare vast amounts of media files, and play AAA computer games, Chromebooks probably won't be for you.


Nonetheless, if you are looking for a mini notebook for composing papers, altering spreadsheets, surfing the web utilizing social media sites and applications, then getting yourself one of the Chromebooks suggested above would be a very economical decision that you won’t regret.


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