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Best Ethernet Cable for PS4 Gaming

Published on: March 18, 2021


Best Ethernet Cable for PS4 Gaming


Online gaming is considered as a prominent source of attraction for teenagers and adults alike and PS4 is one of the widely used gaming stations. Nowadays, people do not enjoy going against the computer bot anymore, instead, they want to delve into the world of endless competition involving gamers from all over to enhance their experience.

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That is why, having a super-fast and highly efficient internet connection is the key to a competitive experience on the online channel. It does not matter if you are an amateur gamer or a professional, you must have a stable internet connection to enjoy PS4 games.


What is an Ethernet Cable?

When the Internet was introduced, it was a technological marvel as it opened endless possibilities. Since its origin, the main way to set up an internet connection was via an ethernet cable; an ethernet cable connected from the Modem/Router to your PS4 gaming console (or any other device). While initially, the ethernet cable could only support minimal speeds and bandwidth, in the modern world, we have seen a lot of development. The standard ethernet cables used today are available in Cat 5, Cat 6, Cat 7, and Cat 8 variants and each type has different capabilities. The Cat 5 for example can support a bandwidth of 100 MHz while a Cat 6 can provide a frequency of 250MHz. Similarly, a Cat 7 ethernet cable can support a bandwidth of 600MHz while a Cat 8 can go up to 2000MHz. All cables today use RJ 45 connectors that directly connect to your modem and device and give you access to the internet.

an Ethernet cable plugged into modem

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Even today, where the world has moved on to wireless connectivity, we find many offices, households and platforms use the ethernet cable to access the internet. This can be for several different reasons, for example, an ethernet connection provides more bandwidth to the user. In addition, it also provides much more stability than a Wi-Fi router.

Often, the connection you have is not up to the mark when it comes to your gaming experience. This could be because of a poor internet connection that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives to you. Even after changing your ISP, you might still have problems, to which the solution can be a good quality ethernet cable.

An ethernet connection can effectively solve problems you have with your network bandwidth, speed, or stability as compared to a WiFi connection. It can also lower the RTT (Round Trip Time) you get while you are playing any game on your console. For this reason, we have made a comparison between the bandwidth you receive on your Wi-Fi with that which you receive through an ethernet cable. In addition, we have also provided you with some reasoning on why you should use an ethernet cable for PS4 gaming. To top it all, we have also listed the top 10, best ethernet cables for PS4 gaming to help you find a suitable option.

WiFi vs Ethernet Bandwidth

When discussing Wi-Fi, it is important to understand that there are certain set standards or parameters, which influence the speed you get. For example, the normal 802.11g Wi-Fi router, is only able to support a maximum speed of 54Mbps. This is fine for your day-to-day internet surfing, watching movies, or even streaming high-quality content. However, given the fact that the network speed can reach 1Gbps (in some countries), you will be a little disappointed, knowing that your connection can give you more, but the Wi-Fi router is not able to transmit maximum speed.

WiFi Router with plugged in Ethernet cable

For example, a Cat 6 ethernet cable gives you a speed of 10 Gbps, which is almost 200x times faster than what you would get from your Wi-Fi router. Even though many of us may not necessarily need the 10Gbps connection in all its entirety, it does give you the gist of the amazing potential of the cable.

Apart from all the facts mentioned above, Ethernet Cable’s path loss is less than WiFi’s path loss due to the mode of transmission.

What is Latency and why is it important?

When talking about online gaming, an important factor is latency. This is what gamers refer to as ping, or the disruption they get when they connect to several servers all over the globe. In simple words, Latency is the time taken to transfer the data from source and destination.

Latency is important because the in-game ping will decide how quickly it will process data from these servers and move your data from your console to that server and vice versa. This is vital for online gaming, where the gamer wants the host of the server to receive his data as quickly as possible. The quicker the host receives the data, the quicker he will be able to interpret it and the quicker he will be able to send back new data. The more efficiently this process works the lesser ping you will get.

Consequently, when you connect your PS4 console through an ethernet cable, the transfer of data will have far less ping and better latency than when you are connected via a Wi-Fi connection. You can test this yourself by using a command on your PC that will inform you about the latency at that moment. You can then compare the latency that you get from a Wi-Fi router with that which you get from an ethernet cable and see the difference.

The Benefits of Ethernet Connections

The use of an ethernet connection will give better results when it comes to gaming. Here are some potential benefits you may get if you opt for using an ethernet cable on your PS4 console.

i. Much Faster Online Gaming Experience

It would be fair to say that an ethernet cable will provide a fast and rapid gaming experience. Amongst other things, a faster connection will give you an edge over gamers who still use Wi-Fi. Many games such as Call of Duty require the gamer to have the skills of fast decision making and precision. A millisecond of ping can be the difference between you and your success - which is to be the winner! The gameplay, the internet bandwidth, and the fast decision-making all matter when you are playing to win. By using an ethernet cable, you can improve all these. You will enjoy a much smoother and significantly better gaming experience.

ii. Stability in Connection

An ethernet cable also gives you a more stable internet connection on your PS4. It will also lower the interference you get when you are playing any game. You might have noticed that when you use the internet on your devices through a Wi-Fi connection, the speed of the connection suddenly drops. This interference could be because you are too far away from the router or maybe other electrical devices are interfering with the network speed. Now, you may not pay too much attention to it when you are watching a movie, but it is an entirely different situation when you are gaming. Any disruptions during the game can decide the fate of your online match., disconnection from the server can be even more disappointing. However, this can be avoided if you use an ethernet cable.

 As mentioned earlier, an ethernet cable directly sources your connection from the modem to your console. This means that other electrical devices cannot interfere with the bandwidth or the speed of your connection. 

iii. Faster Speed for Game Downloads.

Since the release of GTA 5, we have seen game companies add better graphics to enhance our gaming experience. This is the reason why the size of different games has grown exponentially in the last few years. For example, the latest game from Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2, requires the user to have at least150 GB of space before the user can download it. In addition, the initial download file for this game has a huge size of110 GB. This may seem gigantic right now, but this will be considered normal when technology develops further. Therefore, a faster and more stable internet connection will be required.

In retrospect, the new generation is disregarding hard copies of games and moving towards digital downloading. This is the new standard for people who want to get hold of a new game and play it. These games are downloaded from a source and installed into your console, kind of like how app stores work. Gamers must ensure that they have a super-fast connection that can help them download the game as quickly as possible. Let’s be honest, no one likes to wait a long time to download the game before they get to play it. As time goes by and technology furthers in its development, these download sizes will only grow. Hence, we see the need for an ethernet cable that may help you download these games in a matter of minutes.

Best Ethernet Cables for your PS4 gaming console

Now we shall discuss some ethernet cable options available in the market, which we think will work well with your current internet connection.

1. Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Ethernet cable

Image Credits: Cablematters.com



This ethernet cable is proven to be a very good option in the market. Many people have loved the quality of the product and the price it is available for. This is a 5-piece ethernet cable, which also supports universal connectivity. You can use it for computers and other devices such as routers or printers. Some features of the cable are - a tear-free design, flexible PVC jacket, stranded twisted pairs, 50-micron gold plated contacts and bare copper conductors. The cable is available on the company website for a price of $13.99.



2. Cable Matters Cat6 Ethernet cable

Image Credits: Cablematters.com




Supports bandwidth up to 500 MHz

Performance issues

Available in different sizes

Limited Customer Support


This cable is a rounded barebone Cat 6a, which supports a speed of 10 Gbps at a frequency of 500MHz. In terms of the build, it is proven to be a very durable cable for a workplace or even for home-usage. The cable also provides the user with the feature of universal connectivity. This means that the user can connect the ethernet cable with almost all devices in the house. Like most ethernet cables, this one is also supported by RJ45 connectors. The standard size for the cable has been set at 20 ft however, you can decide to have a shorter or longer cable depending on your requirement. The sizes for the cable range from 1ft to 150ft. The cable can be bought at a price of just $8.99 and proves to be a very decent solution for console gaming.


3. Amazon Basics Ethernet Cable for PS4

Image Credits: Amazon.com





Available in different sizes

Below Par product quality

Amazon recently achieved the feat of manufacturing its own Cat-6 RJ45 ethernet cable. The quality of the cable falls in line with the standards you would expect from any other option in the market. It has a decent build quality and offers users a good solution for high-speed online gaming. On top of that, the cable has been made available in different sizes ranging from 1m to 15m. The cable can also be purchased in bundles of 5, 10 or 25, which you can buy according to your requirements. The cable also offers you a decent 259 MHz bandwidth and can support a speed of 1 Gbps. While 1 Gbps may sound like it's not that much, it should be enough to give you a ping-free online gaming experience. The cable is available at Amazon.com for a price of just $6.72, which makes it the most inexpensive cable on our list.

4. UGreen Ethernet cable for PS4

Image Credits: Ugreen.com



Extremely resilient

Expensive if you buy a longer option

Lifetime customer support

Hard to Install


The UGreen Ethernet cable is perhaps one of the best options available on the market. This is 3ft in size, which has with it, four twisted pairs shielded with copper wires that give it that extra bit of protection. The company has also added in a two-year warranty along with lifetime customer service. You can avail of the free service any time you face any difficulties with the stability of your connection. The cable supports a speed of 10Gbps which should cater to your high-speed internet connectivity needs. It also lowers any interference you may get as the company has added gold-plated connectors in its build. It’s also available in different sizes ranging from 1m to 20m and the price for the 1m option is $7.99. The price varies with the size you opt for, the 20m option for example will cost you $34.99. Make sure you only buy the required size for the cable and not excess.

5. Cable Matters SFTP Cat8 Ethernet Cable

Image Credits: Cablematters.com



Thick Cable

Low Consumer base of 40Gbps Connection

Offers highest possible speeds

A 40Gbps connection can be expensive


This cable can process the fastest possible speeds which is what makes it a bit unique. This Cat 8 cable can transmit speeds of 40Gbps at a very high bandwidth of 2000 MHz. The cable can be purchased at lengths of up to 100 ft and will suit the requirements of gamers who are perfectionists. By perfectionists we mean, people who do not have, even a little room for discrepancies while they are gaming. However, to truly make full use of the cable they will also need a high-speed 40 Gbps internet connection. The cable has been priced at $10.99 and can be purchased from the official Cable Matters website.

6. CableGeeker Cat 6 Ethernet Cable

Image Credits: CableGeeker.com



100% bare copper conductors

Too lengthy

Has a flexible design

Only supports speeds of up to 1Gbps


This Cat 6 cable offers a decent connection of up to 1 Gbps in a flat body design. The cable is available in different sizes, but we wanted to focus on the 150 feet option. The size of the cable is what separates it from the rest. Most cables are not available in this size so anyone who wants a cable that can stretch to a longer distance, this is the most suitable option. As the cable has a flat design, the company has ensured that this will avoid any wire entanglement during installation. While the cable is more compatible with commercial use such as in offices, it’s still a very effective solution for gamers who desire a stable internet connection. The company has also promised a lifetime service for customers who opt for this option. The cable is priced at $33.95 for the 150ft option, however, you can get it for less if you cut down on the length.

7. The MATEIN Cat 7

Image Credits: Amazon.com



Universal connectivity

No lifetime customer support

Easy installation

Minor issues in design


The MATEIN Cat 7 ethernet cable can support a speed of 10 Gbps speeds in a flat body design. The MATEIN Cat 7 is an amazing option for online gaming. It has been proven to provide lag-free by various buyers on Amazon and on the company website. This makes it the perfect option for gamers who want minimal latency. MATEIN has also suggested this cable for users who want to stream high-quality videos on applications such as - YouTube or Netflix. The cable is also useful when it comes to other aspects such as cloud computing and/or video surveillance. The cable also has double-shielded twisted-pair copper wiring and users should get good speeds with minimum interference. The cable is available at a price of $16.99 and is on sale on Amazon.

8. VANDESAIL Ethernet Cable, Cat 7, 6.5 ft, 2-pack

Image Credits: VANDESAIL.com



Easy to Install

Performance issues

Additional shielding which minimizes noise

Short in terms of length (only 6.5 ft)


This is a two-pack Ethernet Cable set that comes with two Cat 7 cables that support 10 Gbps speeds and 600 MHz bandwidth. The company has recommended this ethernet cable for all gamers, be it PC gaming or console gaming. If you are a gamer in need of a super-fast and problem-free gaming experience, then VANDESAIL claims that this is the perfect cable for you. The cable also has dual gold plated RJ45 connectors which minimize interference, noise, or any other discrepancy. In addition, the flat design of the cable also makes it easy to install. The price of this product has been set at $8.99 on Amazon.

9. Smolink CAT8 Ethernet Cable

Image Credits: Smolink.com



Supports speeds of 40Gbps

RJ45 design can make it hard to plug

Universal Compatibility



The Smolink CAT8 Ethernet Cable has 100 oxygen-free copper inside along with four pairs of 100% 26WAG STP copper wires, and RJ45 connectors. These components make this cable a premium quality product. The cable can support a bandwidth of 2GHz and a super-fast speed of 40Gbps. The cable also has support for universal connectivity which means that you can use this cable on multiple devices, such as PCs, PS5 and the Xbox Series X console. The only issue with the cable is that it has limited flexibility, which means that it will be hard to move around in corners during installation. Other than that, to make full use of its capability, you will need a high-speed connection of 40Gbps. The price for this product is $7.99.

10. DanYee Ethernet Cable, Cat 7


Image Credits: Amazon.com



Nylon Braided


Life-time Support



The DanYee cable is a good quality ethernet solution and it comes in various lengths ranging from 3ft to 100ft. It can support 10 Gbps at a 600 MHz bandwidth. The cable features universal RJ45 connectors, which make it compatible with almost all gaming consoles including PS4, Xbox and PCs. DanYee has also added in copper wiring that reduces interference and should provide a good gaming experience. The biggest selling point of this cable is its robust build quality which is all thanks to its nylon braided housing which makes it highly durable. The price for this product is $23.64.




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