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Best Mystery Games for Android

Published on: Sept. 13, 2020


Best Mystery Games for Android

We present the best mystery games for your Android mobile so that you can have a good time solving puzzles or discovering what awaits you behind that tower on a stormy night.

Today we talk about games that will increase your pulse in waiting for what can happen if we follow the common thread of adventures of all kinds. It is the mystery apps that tend to have the most followers. So we go with this great list of games that you cannot miss for Android.

Best Mystery Games for Android

1. Life is Strange

We start with what we can almost say one of the best on this list and that comes from one of the greats: Square Enix . Graphically it is great, as is the atmosphere created and the whole story that you will go through with characters very well worked on the script. You are going to explore the fictional city of Arcadia Bay in Oregon and a series of student friends in which some have powers that are not of this world. Five episodes, from which the first one is free and for the rest you will have to go through the box. Indispensable as a mystery game.

Life is Strange


Price: Free + 


2. Layton: Curious Village


Another mysterious game that in 2008 was the best portable game. It landed this year on Android and puts you before all the mystery that you have to solve with Professor Layton. It has that very European visual touch and it will make you discover very interesting stories with a great original soundtrack. It is based on the books by Atama No Taisou, or what would be gymnastics for the mind of Akira Tago. Prepare for more than 100 puzzles, HD remastered and minigames to discover the fragments of a mysterious painting and much more.

Layton: Curious Village in HD

Developer: LEVEL-5 Inc.

Price: $ 9.99 


3. Adventure Escape: Asylum


This is a completely free game in which you have to remember your past and escape from that asylum in which you find yourself. A story a bit of terror in which little by little the plot will be discovered so that you are horrified of where you are. Help Anna escape and discover the true story. It is not that it is one of the best games, but it does have that point of mystery that is what we usually look for, so it perfectly meets the expectations given.


Adventure Escape: Asylum

Developer: Haiku Games

Price: Free + 


4. Murder in the Alps

This is the typical mystery game that could perfectly be written by Agatha Christie herself. As its name suggests, we are faced with murder in the Alps and it takes us back to the 30s with that particular style in fashion and more. The story takes place in an isolated hotel where we are going to be surprised by the most beautiful places in the Alps. A crime novel took to freemium with energy, that is, either you wait, or you will have to buy it to have more.

Murder in the Alps

Developer: Nordcurrent

Price: Free + 


5. June's Journey



A game of mysteries and hidden objects in which we will have to discover a very scandalous family secret . If the previous one took us to the 30s, this one to the 20s with that glamorous touch. It is another freemium in which we do not escape micropayments or wait to be able to access objects; yes, there are some that are too expensive.


June's Journey - Hidden Object

Developer: Wooga

Price: Free + 


6. Criminal case

We continue with the freemium, but here will be current cases of criminals to solve. The mystery is carried by the interrogations that we will carry out and discover those clues that lead us to the murderer. Here we will have to find out who killed Rosa Wolf and you will become part of the Grimsborough police. One of the cops to solve murder mysteries and they always come in handy.


Criminal case

Developer: Pretty Simple

Price: Free + 


7. The lost City


Here the mysteries pass through secret magic and that they say could change even the seasons. A point and click game with eye-catching graphics, a good original soundtrack, and lots of collectibles. Of course, there is no lack of puzzles and a dynamic map that shows all the sites you have been visiting.



The lost city

Developer: Fire Maple Games

Price: $ 1.99 


8. Oxenfree

Oxenfree is a mystery game that mixes the best of 1980's teen horror movies , such as Friday the 13th, and combines it with credible characters with an ochontero touch more than evident. If you are looking for something a la Stranger Things, the TV series, with Oxen free you will have mysteries to solve. A premium game in which you will immerse yourself in the stories of a group of friends by playing as Alex, a rebellious teenager. Attention to visual details and that unique visual language in character design.



Developer: Night School Studio

Price: $ 4.99 


9. The Room



The Room started a saga of mystery and puzzle games for Android that is very popular and that with each launch, a horde of followers fall into its arms. Intricate puzzles with a visual aesthetic that manages to create the best environment to make us think and solve their puzzles. We could talk about his following The Room to complete a saga like there is not for our mobile devices. Its more than 240,000 reviews are a great guarantee to trust that even if you have to pay $ 0.99 for The Room, you will have the most intricate mysteries insured



The Room

Developer: Fireproof Games

Price: $ 0.99 


10. The Room Three


We are going to jump to the third of the saga to have it for $ 3.99 and continue to improve everything that has made these Fireproof Games games famous. If you want quality both technically and visually, as well as the mysteries and puzzles to be solved, we recommend this perfect game for these cold autumn days. You will have to pass a series of tests devised by a more than mysterious character who is known as "The Craftsman." There goes all the mystery so that you want to acquire it.


The Room Three

Developer: Fireproof Games

Price: $ 3.99 


11Can you escape the 100 room IX


If you have been wanting to try something similar to the previous two and you do not have enough balance to purchase them, try this one called You can escape from room 100 IX and you have it for free; It is also a saga, so look for the rest if you like it. 50 rooms await you to escape from them and follow in the footsteps of The Room with a more than outstanding graphic level. You will have mysteries and puzzles to solve in a game that does not look bad and that is in Spanish, what are you waiting for?


Can you escape the 100 room IX

Developer: HKAppBond

Price: Free + 


12. Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse


Yes, we know, another in English, but the truth is that it is worth it. A free game, although you will have to checkout for more chapters. It is one of the new ones and is gathering great interest. You have 48 locations to explore and you will have to investigate the mysterious cult and prevent the Minotaur from being reborn after 2,000 years. A whole story is hidden in this mystery game in which many adventures await you.


Endless Fables: The Minotaur's Curse

Developer: Artifex Mundi

Price: Free + 


13. Cube Escape: The Cave

A game full of mysteries and in Spanish, as well as free. The story takes us to an old man who is about to enter a mysterious cave . But you will have to help him so that he can descend into the depths of Rusty Lake. We are facing one of many other games in the saga and that will lead you to install them all to finish them. In other words, it is the ninth episode of the Cuve Escape series and thus continues the story behind Rusty Lake. A game of mysteries with its own touch on the visual and that differentiates it from many others on this list.


Cube Escape: The Cave

Developer: Rusty Lake

Price: Free 


14. Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Another great saga of mystery games that this time takes us to the arctic. Packed with mysteries, puzzles and exciting places to visit for an Escape Room style of play. The free part is a bit short and will put you before the acquisition of the other levels. The truth is that it is appreciated that at least they let us try it before deciding to pay the rest. And if you get hooked, you're going to have a few more Faraways to discover.


Faraway 3: Arctic Escape

Developer: Snapbreak

Price: Free + 


15. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery


We go straight to the mystery of Hogwarts magic with this game based on the famous wizarding saga. You can choose your story, learn spells and fight duels with rivals of all kinds. You will explore the never seen rooms of Hogwarts Castle and uncover ancient mysteries. You will have to use your magical skills to solve the mysteries that await you and discover the truth that is hidden behind the cursed cameras. A whole mystery game with such an interesting background that has millions of fans around the world.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Developer: Jam City, Inc.

Price: Free + 


16. Adventure Escape: Allied Spies

Haiku Games is a specialist in this type of mystery games in which the graphic style and illustrations that catch us are worth a lot to create the desired atmosphere. This case is about spies and all the mysteries that are related to them. But tell it to those who suffered Mata Hari in the last century. Here they take us to Occupied France with the Nazis and a newly married couple who fall in that country with all the adventures and mysteries that await them. You will explore Strasbourg and the surrounding forests between Germany and France with a multitude of puzzles.


Adventure Escape: Allied Spies

Developer: Haiku Games

Price: Free + 


17. Cluedo

And how could Cluedo not be missing from this list? The popular board game in which you have to discover the murderer and that you have in premium format for $ 3.99 with all the content through that payment. Here you have the popular Hasbro game to find out who did the murder, with what weapon and where. That is, from the first moment the mystery is wrapped around the game so that your mobile is the basis for it. You will have to team up with Miss Amapola, Colonel Rubio or Mr. Prado to solve who has murdered Dr. Cadavery.


Developer: Marmalade Game Studio

Price: $ 3.99 + 


18. Who is the Killer? Episode I

We are facing the first episode of a famous series of detective games in which we will have to solve the mysteries of seven characters who are trapped in a castle. Like those Poitier movies, we'll have to find out who the killer is before all the characters are killed. And it is that every day one will be murdered until we find the culprit of such a misdeed. A free mystery game, although you will have to give a little to the English language.


Who Is The Killer? Episode I

Developer: Guts United

Price: Free + 


19. Spotlight: Room Escape

Another one of escaping from a room that will put us before riddles and puzzles to try to escape as necessary. It's in Spanish and it's free, so it has enough to hook you right out of the box. Like so many others, we do not remember who we are and what we do in that room. We will only have time to escape alive. You will have to combine different objects to find solutions and more. An interesting title for the atmosphere created and for the care of its dirty and dark illustrations.


Spotlight: Room Escape

Developer: Javelin Ltd.

Price: Free + 


20. The Wolf Among Us


From the creators of The Walking Dead, the TV series , comes this 5-episode mystery game that lets us play the first one for free. A thriller full of mysteries with a violent and adult touch in which the visual powerfully draws attention to create the best of settings. Here you will have to be extremely careful with your decisions, since they will change the common thread to find us with different endings. We can almost say that it is one of the best of this list of mystery games. Indispensable if you like unique experiences and with a great display in the depth of the characters.

The Wolf Among Us

Developer: Athlon Games, Inc.

Price: Free + 


21. DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror



And we are finishing this list with one of the best mystery games for Android called Distrant. With a special visual touch with pixel art, Distrant is a mystery game, although with a lot of terror. But since we have to discover everything that is happening to Price and with that special atmosphere, it is essential that he go through these lines. It has a story, dialogues and common thread like no other to have it for free from the Android games and apps store.


DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

Developer: Jesse Makkonen

Price: Free + 


22. Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults

Another escape game, but with a more comic drawing style than those more realistic ones. You will have to open 100 doors and solve all the logical puzzles that await you. You will have to know a little of everything to be able to solve the puzzles so that mathematics is more than important. It's in Spanish and it's free of charge, so you have it now for your enjoyment. Being freemium you are going to have to get used to advertising, but it is what it has to be free.


Escape Room the Game App: Brain Teasers for Adults

Developer: Webelinx Games doo

Price: Free + 


23. Broken Sword: Director's Cut

And we end this list with a murder game and in Spanish that takes us to Paris. A multi-BAFTA award-winning game that takes you before daring journalist Nico Collard and an American named George Stobbart on a journey full of mysteries, intrigue and danger . It comes from the PC back in the year 2000, so this is one of the mystery games par excellence. It costs $ 4.99, but you are going to have adventures and mysteries for many hours and with a more than important visual display. You have 4 more titles of the saga in the Google Play store, so if you fall into their arms, do not miss the rest to enjoy a whole saga.


Broken Sword

Developer: Revolution Software Ltd

Price: $ 4.99


So this is the list of 23 mystery games that you can download and enjoy. All of them have quite a big fan base and most of them are on play store for a long time.

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