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TOP 20 MMORPGs for Mobile

Published on: Sept. 4, 2020


TOP 20 MMORPGs for Mobile

Games are the ultimate stress-busters for people of every age. As people grow older, their preference in games changes, but the love for games remains the same for most people. There are many categories and genres in the online game world, but MMORPGs are the real MVP! MMORPGs or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(s) are virtually simulated games available for gamers to play with their phones’ ease. MMORPGs provide the player with a real animated version of an imaginary world. Be it a war ground, alien wars, battlegrounds, or zombie attacks; the list goes on!



Gamers love MMORPGs because of their appealing effects. These games create a fantastic experience of graphics in front of the player. Creative Characters, fascinating VFG & sound effects, real-time dialogues between characters, and so on! Many of these MMORPGs are available for mobiles (Android & iOS) in a free version & paid versions.

Wonder what MMORPGs to play? We got you! We have listed the top 20 MMORPGs for Mobile down below to become your next favorite games! Read below to see if any of our top 20 can be your favorites too!


Top 20 Best MMORPGs in 2020


Adventure Quest 3D

If you’re into gaming for a long time, you must have come across it or even heard of it. Adventure Quest 3D has been a favorite of players since it first launched. Adventure Quest 3D is a 3d animated game that provides the player a virtual and real view of the game’s insights. The player can solve quests and go on treasure hunts in the game.


The game offers specific features to the players, such as dialogue boxes to communicate with your fellow contender and much more! Sometimes, you may experience bug fixes in the game while playing, but it’s not such a big deal as most free games have the same issue, and you’ll get used to it as you continue playing. 


Old School Rune Scape



Old School Runescape or OSRS is one of the hit games on Android phones. There is a free as well as a premium paid version available of the game. The game has various exciting quests (more than 139) and other battles to play in the free version. Some quests include West Ardougne and the Elf Series. However, the paid version makes everything much better. With the paid version, the player can unlock many new awards, go on to different thrilling adventures, and much more. The game is available for $10.99/per month.


Grow Stone Online



Grow Stone Online is a jazz-themed game. It has old-style graphics and pixel arts.  The game has 2D animation graphics, and players are allowed to make their strengthening equipment. It gives p[pllayers the facility of playing real-time matches, including castle battle, clan battle, party hunting, and PVP. The player can join wars, a number to clans to select from, and kill hundreds of villains. The player can play this game for free and enjoy the retro vibes of the game.


Lineage 2 - Revolution

Now, Lineage Revolution has got some exciting things to offer, such as incredible visuals and an extensive open-world battle where around 200 players can combat in real-time on a single screen. But it also comes with some bugs. As it is a free game, we have to expect open bugs too. The game has some pretty beautiful graphics, unique story tales of quests and joining clans and stuff. It is a newly launched game in MMORPGs, but it has a unique feature that players can earn points in the Google Play store by playing the game.


Rucoy Online



Rucoy Online is an MMORPG that gives you a virtual chance to kill the monsters and become heroes! You can play with your friends too with the Pvp feature of the game. If that is not all, you can even upgrade your powers by winning battles and performing more efficiently. Overall, the game has average graphics to offer, but it keeps getting interesting as players go deep into it. Rucoy is a free MMORPG for Android and iOS mobiles.


Dungeon Hunter 5



Dungeon Hunter 5 is probably the last game in the series. The game is rated as one of the best MMORPGs of all time, perhaps because of its “three co-ops” feature, which lets you add your three friends to play with you in real-time.  Dungeon Hunter 5 is available for free of cost. The game also has a Stronghold mode where you can collect minions and then use them to buy any locked superpowers.


World of Prandis



World of Prandis is an old game in the genre of MMORPGs, but its mobile version is newly launched. It was available for desktops before. The game is available for free of cost to download and play. World of Prandis is a creative & straightforward game with appealing 3D graphics for the player. The game offers six classes for the player to choose from and stay in their selected category for the rest of the game. To our surprise, the game has a love system, which we suppose is there to fresh the players’ minds in the middle of the whole war chaos.


Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival



The game itself is a thrilling story adventure for the players. As it is a dark fantasy-themed game, the players can expect everything fascinating here. The player can create his avatar with different elements in the game and feel its real gothic vibe. Players can even unlock new fighting techniques of the game while playing it. The unique part of the game is the interesting conversations between the characters.


School of Chaos Online



School of Chaos Online is one of the most loved and admired MMORPGs of all time. Wonder why? It is because of the story on which the game is based upon. This game is about a school where you can do whatever you want, from breaking the rules to fighting with your teacher. Unlike many other MMORPGs, the player can make his quests, customize his character, and live a virtually fascinated school. If you are looking for something related to war fields or zombie attacks, this game is not for you. But you can always play this as a time pass as it is a free game.


Arcane Legends



Arcane Legends has been in the MMORPG category for a long time since 2012. But the game developers have done a remarkable job by continually updating and, eventually, improving the game. The game offers PVP combats, multiplayer options & three classes to select from. Arcane Legends is also a free game and has a standard storyline: An evil is trying to get into the world, the rooks are helping them, and the players have to battle them. The game has many other competitions to keep the player engaged and hooked up in the game.


Black Desert Mobile



Black Desert Mobile is a recent launch in the MMORPGs genre. However, the game has so much to offer—unique avatars characteristics, plenty of quests, and many distinctive missions to play. The player can even take a virtual tour in the Black desert world, making the player attracted to the game. Black Desert is a free mobile game, but it gives players a smart option to earn points in the Google Play store by downloading the Black Desert.


Villager and Heroes


This game provides you with a virtual chance to select your character as a hero or victim. It has a smart simulation of the village life that gives the players a natural effect. The game is available for free for mobile users. The game has multiple quests and battlefields to take part in. Villager and Heroes is a very light weighted typical MMORPG; if you are on the hunt to try new MMORPGs, try this out.


Crusaders of Light



Crusaders of Light is a massive hit in the MMORPGs genre. The game is available online for free. It has standard graphics, but its unique storyline, customization of characters, and superb dialogues keep the gamer hooked. If you are looking for something typical in RPGs, then try Crusaders of Light.


Pocket Legends


Pocket Legends is rated as one of the best MMORPGs of all time. That is probably because the game has a very classic vibe of traditional RPGs. You can play in PVP combats or co-op mode with your friends. The game gets interesting as you keep playing. As you defeat the enemies and win battles, you unlock new weapons and powers to play the game.


Last Day on Earth: Survival


Last Day on Earth is not any basic MMORPG. The game has a storyline about the player remaining as the only human on earth while zombies have attacked the world. You have to escape from the zombies and survive. For your survival, you have to find food and necessary supplies and that all by yourself. The game has a pretty straightforward storyline and is available for free to download. If you are into zombies’ apocalypse, then this game is a must-try.


Avabel Online


If you ever wanted to be a hero and kill your enemies, then here is your chance to do so, but virtually. This MMORPGs is one of its kind. The game has many nerve-wracking fighting sequences that you can play with your friends as this game offers a PVP combat option. The game has an excellent reward system where you unlock new sounds and features as you win the battles.

Arcus Online



Arcus Online has a pretty lovely appealing effect to it. The game has a basic storyline where you have to fight battles from the enemies and save the homeland. The game also gives a PVP combat option to play the game with your buddies and enjoy the virtual simulation of a battle together.


Toram Online



Toram Online is also like any other MMORPG, but it standouts with its different features. The game does not confine you to a particular set of avatars to choose from; you can make your avatar from your preference. The stand out point of the game is that you can also customize the color of your weapon. The player also has over 80+ skills to select from and use them in the war ground.




Talion is a recent launch in the mobile gaming world. The game has so much to offer like Online PVP, lots of quests to play & battles against the bad guys. Talion has an above-average character modification but not the worst of all. Talion is available for Android mobile and is entirely free. On the other side of the picture, the game is designed in an auto-play mode, which annoys many players, so that is the weak side of Talion. However, it is a one-time play game.


Stellacept Online



Stellacept Online is an MMORPGs based on the story of a hero saving a girl. You have to kill the enemies, save the girl from the chaos, and safely bring her back to her homeland. This game is available for free to play, but you can even engage in real-time conversations with other players.


Final Words

All of the MMORPGs mentioned above are free of cost except for Old school RuneScape, but the price is worth the experience the game gives to the player.


According to the reviews on the Play Store, the best MMORPG for mobile is Toram Online. Whereas the worst MMORPG, according to Metacritic, is Black Desert Online due to the thousands of hours it takes to grind the good gear as well as the costly in-app purchases.

The only major con of most MMORPGs is that they come with annoying bugs that interrupt the player’s playing experience.

With this, our list of the TOP 20 MMORPGs comes to an end. But that’s not it. Every day, new MMORPGs are launching, and players are trying them just for its sake. So, there is always something new for you to try in the MMORPGs genre.

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