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Google Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better?

Published on: Aug. 16, 2020


Google Music vs Spotify: Which Is Better?

Google Music and Spotify are two of the most in-demand music streaming platforms. Both of them may seem the same because they just provide you good music that you can listen to, but in reality, some big differences clearly show which one is better among the two music streaming platforms. If you are thinking of subscribing to a music streaming platform, but are unclear regarding which one is better, then we’re here to help. Here’s a comparison of Google Play and Spotify and also their goods and bads so you can find out yourself which one is better.


Google Music

Image Via Google Play Music


Google Music is a music streaming platform that also streams podcasts and was originally launched in 2011. The app offers users a lot of songs, and by a lot, we mean 40 MILLION. You can listen to all these songs whenever you want to or arrange them in a playlist. A good thing about Google Music is that other than the 40 million songs already available on the app, you can also upload up to 50,000 songs of your choice to the app. This way, all your music will be organized in a single app and so it won’t take up excess space from your device. And when it comes to compatibility, you don’t have to worry about that either, as the app is compatible with Android, iOS, Google Home, and Chromecast.


You have the option to either choose a single plan or a family plan subscription to Google Music. But you can also get it for free if you are subscribed to YouTube premium, a premium YouTube feature that provides you ads-free videos and a lot of other good stuff. If you have paid for a YouTube Premium subscription, you are automatically subscribed to Google Music.




  • User-friendly interface
  • Allows users to upload 50,00 songs of their choice
  • The subscription is free if you have already subscribed to YouTube Premium.
  • Not so powerful social sharing feature
  • You can only access Google Play through the web.



Image Via Spotify


Spotify is much older than Google Music and was launched back in 2008. The app has a beautifully designed interface that is user-friendly and convenient. Spotify’s music streaming subscription gives users access to 40 million songs and podcasts, as well as three billion playlists created by random Spotify users, and a smart system that suggests you songs after “learning” your taste and music preferences.


Spotify offers users a mobile app, a desktop app, as well as a web player. By using Spotify, you can follow your favourite singers, share music that you like, and see what your peers are listening to. The app also has some cool features such as a Discover Weekly playlist and Made for You mixes with the help of which you can discover new songs, singers, bands, and artists.


But the bad thing about Spotify is that audio quality may not be that fantastic, this is because the app does not allow wav files or uncompressed audio. Also, you can’t upload many songs of your own in the app, but just a limited amount of them.




  • User-friendly interface
  • Crossfade tracks feature for mixing multiple songs (best for DJs)
  • Comes in both apps (desktop and phone) and web player versions
  • Does not support wav files or uncompressed audio
  • You can’t upload a large amount of your personal music
  • Some features are not available to normal users and are available to Premium users only



Google Play Music vs. Spotify Feature Comparison


Both Google Play and Spotify have some good and bad features. Both of them may be music streaming platforms, but they have something unique that makes them different from each other. So here’s a quick feature comparison of Spotify vs Google music:


Google Music



Only web player

Desktop and mobile apps as well as a web player


40 million songs and podcasts

40 million songs and podcasts

Social music sharing

Limited social sharing

Users can share music on Facebook, Twitter, as well as on their Instagram Stories

Users allowed per account

6 users are allowed per account

3 users are allowed per account

Personal upload limit

50,000 uploads

10,000 uploads


Single plan: $9.99/month Family Plan: $14.99/month

Or free access with YouTube Premium subscription

Single Plan: $9.99/month

Family Plan: $14.99/month

Student Plan: $4.99/month

Supported devices

PC, laptop, Android and iOS phones, iPad, iPod Touch, Google Home, Google smartwatch, and Chromecast

PC, laptop, Android and iOS phones, TVs, speakers, tablets, game consoles, smartwatches, and car

Free trial

30-days free trial

3 months of free trial


Should You Subscribe to Google Music or Spotify?


It depends on your personal preferences whether you want to subscribe to Google Music or Spotify. If you like Google services or love to create your own playlists and upload numerous songs, then Google Music may be for you. Plus you can also get free access to the music streaming platform if you subscribe to YouTube Premium!


But if you love discovering new songs and artists, and share the songs you love with your friends (and vice versa), then you might want to opt for Spotify. Spotify is a more social platform, with a vast social sharing feature and a Crossfade feature made specifically for DJs to mix songs more efficiently and effortlessly. The interface of Spotify is very user-friendly and convenient to use, and much better than Google Music.


Both Google Music and Spotify have exactly the same pricing, with single accounts for $9.99/month and family accounts for $14.99/month. But Spotify also has a cheaper plan for students that just costs $4.99/month and includes Hulu and Showtime as well. Google Music offers users a 30-day free trial whereas Spotify offers a 3-month free trial. Spotify also has a free mobile app for which you don’t have to pay even a single penny, but that comes with ads and has some limited features.


In conclusion, both of these music streaming platforms are the best in their respective functions, but it depends on your personal preferences regarding which one to subscribe to.

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