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Best Music Players for Android - Top 15

Published on: Sept. 9, 2020


Best Music Players for Android - Top 15

Over the years, many music freaks have transferred to different music streaming players. Some of the most common streaming players include Google Play Music, Pandora, and Apple Music. However, the streaming players are new to the multimedia world and not as good as the traditional Music Players. If you are looking to preserve your music collection in a stock music player, you will not want to miss this article.  


The Best music player apps for android come either pre-installed or default in many smartphones, but you may still require a music player that meets your needs. There are multiple reasons for you to go for a third-party music player; suppose you are looking for the best offline music player for android, and your pre-installed music player only supports online or streaming music. For this reason, you would definitely need a third-party music player that compensates for your needs.


Over the years, most of the android phones come with built-in Google Play Music. It is a user-friendly music player that supports multiple features, including cloud streaming. However, it does not include a wide range of features that most of the third-party app possess, such as customization, stock players, and controlling sound features.

Without further to do, let’s explore the 15 best music player apps for android.


1. BlackPlayer EX



(Image credits: Google Playstore)

The number one on our list is the BlackPlayer EX Media Player. It has multiple features and a very user-friendly interface. The app also operates on a tab structure that enables you to customize your tabs for each music you want to play. Besides, it contains widgets, sound control, scrobbling, equalizer, and many different themes. On top of that, it is one of the best android music players without ads. It has a wide range of support for different types of music files. It contains both free and paid versions; fortunately, the paid version comes with a reasonable price tag. The paid version includes tons of features that enable you to enjoy your music without any ads popping up from nowhere.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

Moreover, it has a unique Material Design interface that allows you to navigate through the app easily. Not to mention, the paid version of this app eradicates all the ads and music limitations that you may face in the free version.

File Size: Varies with device

Paid version: $1- $1.50

To download Blackplayer Ex click here.


2. JetAudio HD


JetAudio is the favorite music player for many android users. It has all the necessary features and is user-friendly. This music player's important features include audio control, equalizers, and a wide range of audio effects. With the help of these features, you can tweak your music according to your needs and enjoy the best sound. 

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

Also, the equalizer in this music player includes 32 different presets. Effects such as tag editor, MIDI playback, and bass boost come as default in this player. Many tech-heads consider this music player as the best offline music player for android. It contains both free and paid versions; however, both of these versions are almost the same. Nevertheless, the paid version removes all the advertising themes that are default in the free version. On top of that, you can use the paid version for free if you have a Google Play Pass subscription.

File Size: 19 MB

Paid version: $3.5 - $4.00

To download jet audio HD, click here.


3. Phonograph

Phonograph is one of the best free music player apps for android; slipping aside the free media player notion, it contains tons of features just as the paid music media players. It includes tons of different themes that you can choose from. However, the themes are not too appealing.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)


 Moreover, Phonograph consists of many features such as navigation characteristics, home screen widgets, tag editors, Last.fm, different playlist themes, and much more. Suppose you want a music player that lets you enjoy the music without any limitations or techno stumbling blocks. In that case, this is the best music player you will get your hands on! On top of that, if you are subscribed to the Google Play Pass, you can run this app without worrying about the in-app purchases. The app is entirely free and has only the payment option that is regarded as 'Donations.'

File Size: 5.4 MB

Paid version: No paid version, only optional donations.

To download the Phonograph, click here.


4. PlayerPro Music Player

PlayerPro is one of the most underrated Music Players in the ever-growing multimedia industry. It has an and easy-to-use interface that lets you navigate through the app easily. You can also change themes and customize them according to your needs.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

This music player has some of the most remarkable features, such as a rare ten bend equalizer, necessary audio effects, Chromecast and AndroidAuto support, and many fun widgets. Besides, it supports Hi-Fi music, you can play the music up to 384KHz. It has both a demo and a paid version. You can use the demo version, and if you like the app and its features, you can move on to the paid version.

File Size: 14 MB

Paid version: $2.5 - $3

To download PlayerPro Music Player, click here.


5. Spotify

Techno-heads deem Spotify as the best free music streaming app for android. Many music services have sought to overcome Spotify's easy-to-use interface and a wide variety of features; however, all their effort has gone into vain. Spotify’s services have expanded and stepped into the world of podcasts, but it still provides hot-off-the-presses music and tunes that are not readily available on other streaming platforms. You can also discover your taste of music through this platform, as it includes music that used to be tuned in your childhood times.

(Image credits: Unsplash)

Spotify, being the king of streaming services, provides you free and paid versions of the app. The free version enables you to explore through your favorite music without any stumbling blocks; however, the free version comes with some music limitations and a bunch of ads.  The paid version, which is commonly known as Spotify Premium, enables you to navigate through the app without any ads or music limitations. Spotify also provides you an organized playlist that is related to your very own music taste! It also has many features that are not easily found in other apps, such as an android music player with lyrics support.

File Size: Varies with device

Paid version: Subscription of $9.9/month, as it is a streaming player.

To download Spotify, click here.


6. Poweramp Music Player


If you do not want to lose your already-curated playlist, and just want to play that playlist on a fantastic and full of features music player, then Powerramp is the music player you should consider trying. This music player has been lurking in the play store for years. It is continuously being developed and comes with tons of new features.

The latest update in this app brings a featured equalizer and other necessary features that promulgate sound quality. Besides, it also provides audio support for Hi-Fi music. If you are an Audiophile, then Powerramp can ring your bells with its Hi-Res sound output. Its interface is easy to use, and you can easily change the EQ according to your needs.

Moreover, it provides tons of features, such as the ability to play all your playlists. Poweramp has collaborated with Google and now provides Google Assistant support as well. The music player is now able to support Android Auto as well as Chrome Cast. With the help of the features mentioned above, you can easily navigate your vast music files.

File Size: Varies with device

Paid version: $2.5 - $3.00

To download Powerramp music player, click here.


7. YouTube Music

YouTube is continuously becoming more popular among the fans of Google Play Music. Many features that Google Play Music contains come as default in the YouTube Music. You can easily download and import your music library and other playlists and listen to them offline.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

As it provides music streaming services, it makes it easy to attain a curated playlist that is correlated to your music taste! YouTube music contains both versions – free and paid. Both of these versions are highly identical. Nevertheless, the paid version lets you enjoy your music without any ads and provides unique features such as the "hotlist." The hotlist feature enables you to explore a fantastic list of trending music.


File Size: Varies with Device
Paid version: $9.9/monthly subscription, just as the Spotify.

To download YouTube music, click here.


8. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is another music streaming service. It has surprised many Audiophiles by continuously developing the app and infusing it with high-quality features. Amazon Music contains over 60 million songs in its music library. On top of that, if you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime, then what you only have to do is download the Amazon Music. In this way, you will get free access to its tons of features.

Amazon Music boasts about the high-quality audio sounds in its songs. It provides an HD experience for all the Audiophiles. If you are a music-freak and sound quality is a big deal for you, then Amazon Music can be your go-to music player!


File Size: 23 MB

Paid version: For prime members, $7.99/monthly or $79/yearly. For non-prime members $9.9/monthly.

To download Amazon Music, Click here.


10. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is the best android Music player that is offered by Google. It has a number of features and is user-friendly. Google Play Music contains an upload manager that enables you to infuse over 50,000 music files from Spotify, iTunes, or any other player where your vast library resides.

Besides, Google Play Music has a monthly premium subscription. If you subscribe to its premium package, you can get free access to YouTube Red and Google Play Catalogue. The premium subscription contains tons of features. For instance, it enables you to navigate and explore through the app without any ads or music limitations.

It is an amazing streaming service as well as a fantastic Music Player. You can also play all your music on your device through its Media player. The Google Play Music media player is easy to use and contains fewer stumbling blocks compared to other music player apps.

File Size: Varies with device

Paid version: Single account costs up to $9.99, family account (Up to six members) cost $14.99.

To download Google Play Music, click here.


10. Tidal


Tidal is known for producing high-quality audio and enriches your music taste by infusing high-fidelity music in its equalizer. In simple terms, if you are a music-freak and want a quality sound, then this is the music player you do not want to miss.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

Tidal enables you to access a vast song library that roughly contains over 25 million music files. Also, Tidal’s users have free access to over 75,000 music videos without being disturbed by a bunch of ads.

However, as good as it sounds, it comes with it a price tag. In order to access the full features of Tidal’s services, you will have to buy a premium subscription. The sprint users that have access to the premium plans can have free access to Tidal’s premium services.

File Size: 30 MB

Paid Version: Tidal’s premium plan costs $9.99/monthly. HiFi Plan costs $19.99/monthly.

To download Tidal, click here.


Now let’s explore some of the best traditional third-party music players.


11. n7player Music Player

N7player is known for its unique interface. With the help of its interface, you can easily navigate through your extensive music library. Your music files are organized and curated by carefully selecting the genre and artist of the song.

It has many unique features, such as pinch to zoom. This feature enables you to discover new artists or albums by just zooming in any song or particular album you are listening to!

Moreover, it is considered as the best android music player with folder options. With N7player, you can set your music library in filter folders. Besides, you can also display your vast music library in a traditional folder view.

It also possesses many other features such as a rare 10 bend equalizer, playback options, unique equalizers, sound control, and bass boost. However, some of these features are only included in the paid version. 

File Size: Varies with device

Paid Version: The premium version of N7 player costs $9.99/monthly.

To download N7 Music Player, click here.


12. Pi Music Player

 Known for containing unusual and unique features, Pi Music Player makes it to number 12 on our list of best music players. It has tons of distinctive features and audio effects. For instance, Pi Music Player enables access to YouTube videos.

You can also watch the YouTube videos on its player while multi-tasking. It has features like Pi Powershare, which allows you to share fun and best music with your friends and family.

Expounding on the sound quality, it has a good 5-band equalizer that contains 25 presets. This enables you to attain a joyful experience while listening to your best songs. It consists of both free and paid versions; however, both of these versions are almost identical. Nevertheless, the paid version enables you to remove all the ads and several limitations.

File Size: Varies with device

Paid version: $1 to remove ads and some limitations.

To download Pi Music Player, click here.


13. Equalizer and MP3 Player

Audiophiles who love to organize and curate their vast music libraries will fall in love with this Music Player. The Equalizer and Mp3 Player, as the name says it, contains unusual features in customization of its equalizer.


Further, it possesses an easy-to-use interface and many-colored themes – which many audiophiles consider as the best themes compared to different Music Players. The catch? If you are an audiophile with no interest in the equalizer, this music player is not for you.

File Size: 4.9 MB

Paid version: none.

To download Equalizer and MP3 player, click here.


14. Music Player by Leopard V7


If you are looking for a versatile and classic Music Player, then the Music Player by Leopard V7 is the best choice. It has a collection of vast music libraries that possess almost every song. If you are an old-school audiophile, this music player comes with the pre-downloaded country and classical music.

If you are a trendy music lover, Music Player by leopard contains all the trendy songs that are hot off the presses. Further, this media player includes features such as video modes, equalizers, and other crucial features.

Moreover, it has 22 different presets, 3 unique themes and widgets, custom backgrounds, supports numerous file formats, contains sensors like shaking the phone to change the song, and supports Bluetooth control as well.


File Size: 5.6 MB

Paid version: Contains in-app purchases.

To download Music Player by leopard v7, click here.


15. AIMP

AIMP is one of the best android music players. It supports numerous music file formats. For instance, it supports MP3, MP4, FLAC, and many more formats. Besides, it contains necessary functions and features that are found in Premium versions of the Music Players.

(Image credits: Google Playstore)

This app comes with many different customization features, including various themes, interfaces, and many other colored user-friendly theme options.

Moreover, AIMP comes with a Material Design UI interface. Users have found no complications when navigating and exploring through this app. It has an outstanding sound quality, contains necessary audio features such as Equalizers, Volume control, and HTTP streaming. To conclude, AIMP is a fantastic choice compared to other basic Media Players. It also contains a desktop version through which you can easily copy your extensive music libraries to your phone. It is free to use and does not have any in-app purchases.


File Size: 6.0 MB

Paid version: none.

To download AIMP Music Player, click here.



This is our list of the 15 best media players. Hope you liked the list. Make sure to try some of the media players and let us know about them in the comments. Also, let us know about your favorite Music Media Player. See you audiophiles in the next article!

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