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Top 10 Best Adblockers For Android

Published on: Sept. 1, 2020


Top 10 Best Adblockers For Android

Most apps and websites are always showing us ads, but these ads can sometimes be very annoying. Some apps require you to have a premium membership in order to avoid ads, but why pay so much if an adblocker can block those ads for free? There are many adblocker apps available for Android devices. Some work quite efficiently, while some don’t work at all. To help you get rid of all those annoying ads, we have gathered a list of the top ten best adblockers for Android phones:


1. Adblock Browser

Image Via Adblock Browser Google Play Store


One of the best ad blocker for Android is the Adblock Browser. Although you can not download the app from the Google Play Store anymore, you can download it directly from their website. From their website, you have to download the APK file, and after that, you have the app. Adblock Browser is fast, sleek, and secure, and saves your battery life and mobile data as well! The app prevents sites and advertisers from tracking whatever you do, making browsing much safer for you.


2. AppBrain


Image Via AppBrain Ad Detector on Google Play Store


The AppBrain Ad Detector is different from other ad blockers. The app tells you which websites and apps have ads so that they can block them before the ads even show up. The app is easy to use, and even a newbie can install the app and understand everything easily. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.


3. AdAway


Image Via AdAway


AdAway is another app for blocking ads for Android devices. The installation of the app may confuse you in the beginning since it involves rooting your Android device. Like all the other ad blockers, AdAway blocks ads and popups from showing up on your phone. If you want to play games effectively without seeing any ads, then AdAway is the most helpful app for you. The app blocks all sorts of ads for you so that you can use your phone and your favorite apps without getting disturbed by those irritating ads.


4. AdGuard:

Image Via AdGuard on Google Play Store


Most ad blockers only block ads and do not block those irritating pop-ups. But AdGuard is an app that blocks all sorts of ads from showing up on your phone. The app provides you with an optimum gaming experience by blocking ads within games. Other than this, it also provides protection and support to your phone while providing you with a VPN. The app is not available to download in the Google Play Store anymore, but you can download its APK file on their website.


5. AdBlock Plus

Image Via AdBlock Plus on Google Play Store


Another effective ad blocker for Android is AdBlock Plus. This app also comes with a free extension that you can download on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Other than blocking ads, users can also track and block websites that may be harmful and spread malware. Additionally, you can make filters as per your requirements, similar to a Whitelist, but not really a Whitelist. The app is available to download for free on the Google Play Store.


6. TrustGo Ad Detector


Image Via TrustGo


Most ads collect your personal information and track whatever you browse through the internet. These companies, later on, sell your information to big market researchers. The market researchers use your personal information to send you cold emails and cold calls promoting their products and services. TrustGo Ad Detector not only blocks ads from your apps and browsers but also protects your information. Not all adblockers keep your data safe, but TrustGo Ad Detector is a good one and works efficiently.


7. Disconnect Pro For Android:

Image Via Disconnect Pro on Google Play Store


Some best things do not come for free. The same thing is for Disconnect Pro. This app is one of the most effective ad blockers so far. The app comes with some premium features that are worth paying for. Disconnect Pro blocks all the ads from showing up and protects your personal information as you browse through the web. The app also comes with its VPN so that other sources won’t track you. You have to pay $40 in order to utilize the app’s premium features.


8. AdBlock Fast:

Image Via AdBlocker


AdBlock Fast is considered 2019’s best overall adblocker; this is because this app is compatible with all sorts of devices, whether it’s an old device or a new one. Also, you don’t need a rooted device in order to download AdBlock fast. The app is easy to install, free, and easy to use, as well. Also, it does not consume much of your phone’s storage, thus saving it.


9. Adblock Plus Samsung Internet:

Image Via AdBlock Plus Samsung Internet on Google Play Store


Are you a Samsung user looking for the best adblocker? Then you should download Adblock Plus for Samsung Internet. You can browse through your favorite websites and surf the internet faster and without getting disturbed by irritating ads. The app intends to save your phone’s battery life and comes with privacy features such as anti-tracking so that your information remains secure. The app is free to download and also has appreciable customer service.



10. Turbo Browser:

Image Via Turbo Browser on Google Play Store


Turbo Browser is not an app made specially to block ads, but it does come with a built-in ad-blocking feature. You can browse the internet faster along with fast downloads with the help of this app. The app saves your data and saves your battery life. The app’s privacy feature allows you to browse the internet privately without the websites collecting your data.


So this was our list of the top ten best Adblockers for Android. With these ad blockers, you can surf the internet and play your favorite games without getting disturbed by those irritating ads.

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