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Best Android GPS Apps Of All Time

Published on: Sept. 2, 2020


Best Android GPS Apps Of All Time

In the early days of consumer GPS, you continually had an offline copy of your maps with you; at that time, the Mobile Internet wasn’t around yet. You had so much trouble updating maps when connecting to your computer or taking it to the dealer for updates. But those are the days, Now you have best GPS Apps both offline and online.

But now you won’t have to put much effort into it because in this generation, we all use our Smartphones for GPS navigation, and the credit will all go to widespread mobile internet, we simply just pull out maps from the web live. It’s a very significant time for the technology, but sometimes you get into places where you’ll need offline GPS navigation.

We all know that it is a must to have a best GPS Apps in our mobile phones nowadays since it is a great app to find out where our loved one is, or if you’re lost, you need this app so that your family or friends can locate you! Android covers everything from driving to hiking in the wilderness.

That is why we have listed the 15 Best GPS Apps for Android of all time.

List of 15 Best GPS Apps for Android of all time

  1. Google Maps
  2. Waze
  3. Maps.ME
  4. OsmAnd
  5. Sygic
  6. Here WeGo
  7. Map Factor
  8. Polaris GPS Navigation
  9. ViaMichelin GPS App
  10. BackCountry Navigator Topo GPS Pro
  11. Maps Measure
  12. Magic Earth
  13. TomTom GO
  14. Smart Navi
  15. Offline Maps and Navigation

Best GPS Apps for Android:


Google Maps


Google map is an app you almost certainly already have in your Android Mobile, but this is also an excellent offline GPS solution. This app will preload your local area or specific regions so that your navigation still keeps working when there isn’t any connection.

The most useful app for GPS navigation is Google Maps. It does not only give you the route to the location you want to reach; in fact, it also helps you by giving you an estimated timing to get that location. This app also allows you by giving you traffic updates on every main road or street. From this feature of Google maps, you can save plenty of your precious time so that you can have an option to choose the least busy road. Another feature from Google Maps is it also provides you with a voice navigation system through which an automated voice narrates you the relevant route to your selected location.

Google has a convenient version of Google Maps, which is called “Google maps Go!” features for both versions match a lot. Still, as mentioned above, you can preload your location on Google Maps Go and take your phone anywhere, and also, It will show you the relevant route to your site even when your phone loses internet access. A supervenient feature that makes Google Maps stand apart from all the other GPS apps is that Google Maps is the only GPS app that provides you with more than 65 different languages available for Android or iOS devices.

Price: Google Maps & Google Maps Go are available for free to install & use.



Waze is also one of the best GPS apps available out there; it is well known for its features; for example, it alerts you from accidents, hazards, road closures, speed traps, police activity, and other issues that may call for changing your route. Waze also provides you with an accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA); this feature is also in the Android GPS Apps. But as mentioned above, The app lets you schedule your traveling time, so whenever you start to ride, it gives you the relevant navigation as per your preference.

Price: Waze is a free GPS App.



One of the main problems with map apps is the quality of the content on the detailed maps; google maps or Waze have their own proprietary data, but Maps.Me takes a universal approach like other apps, Maps.ME facilitates you with an offline navigation system on a daily basis, Maps.ME is constantly updated by OpenStreetMap so that you can trust the reliability of the app. Along with that, The app lets you pin your desired location on the map and make it available for you whenever you need it. Just not this, but it also suggests different types of routes to your location and acts as your virtual assistant. Maps.ME can also book hotel rooms for you and assists you in finding the nearest ATM. Moreover, it gives you updates with traffic news from over 36+ countries. Maps.ME being an offline app, offers you a lot.

Price: Maps.ME is a free & offline GPS App. 




When talking about Offline GPS Apps, OsmAnd is a different navigation app that caters to people who directly want offline maps. Still, it has outdone itself with its services, and not mentioning it as an offline GPS app will be unfair OsmAnd just doesn’t suggest the possible route to your destination, but it also helps you in allowing you to download the whole map of your country. Then, only a few countries’ maps are available to download now. But what else can be better than having the whole map of your country and access it whenever you want? But after all, OsmAnd is an offline GPS app for mobile, and there is also a paid version of OsmAnd available for having access to some premium features of the app.

Price: Free & Paid versions available. 



Sygic is a full-featured navigation system. It provides you with offline features that’ll help you reach your desired location even if the internet connection stops working. Sygic is designed to have 3D Maps that gives you a real feel of the roads. The graphics provide you with a clear idea about the traffic on your route. With Sygic, you can access anywhere you want to after downloading the maps. And also, this app lets you share the map and route with your loved one.

Price: Paid & free version of Sygic is available to download.



Here WeGo is another Offline GPS navigator, which gives you real-time traffic information that can mentally prepare you to take turns or U-turns. The HERE WeGo is a very informative and straightforward app that won’t confuse you when you are driving. Just not only this but HERE WeGo can also pay your parking ticket and challans which will save a lot of your time. If you’re a busy person & have to spend most of your time traveling, then this best GPS Apps is a must for you!

Price: HERE WeGo is a free GPS app for Android.


Map Factor

Map Factor is a low-key navigation app, but it is a highly recommended GPS app by many of its users. This app’s main features include voice directions, cross border routings, suggest you with roads and shortcuts, 2D or 3D modes, day and night themes, and much more. Map-Factor gives you a through-the-street navigation tour of your location, which will avoid wasting your time. Even though Map Factor is a free app, some of its premium features are only available in the paid version. If you want to get a live traffic update and that too in High Definition (HD), we suggest you subscribe to the premium version of Map Factor.

Price: Free & Paid versions are available.


Polaris GPS Navigation


Polaris GPS Navigation acts as an all-in-one featured app. It provides you access over Google Maps & OpenStreetMap. When you talk about the best GPS APPS, Polaris GPS is an excellent GPS App for Android if you always have out-door activities. That’s because, with Polaris GPS, you can track your walking distance, hiking progress, camping trail, also hunting & so much more. More with these features, it gives you the typical services of a GPS tracking system as well. Polaris suggests you with the typical routes to you that are suitable for you. The app is a fancy looking old GPS App, but it is undoubtedly a fast & secure navigation system. It might seem a bit old, but it works perfectly.

Price: Free & Paid Versions are available to download. The paid version costs $0.99. 


ViaMichelin Maps

If you’re a road tripper, you will love the ViaMichelin because this app estimates any tolls and fuel costs of your trip. It’s super powerful for trip planning., ViaMichelin is made by the ones who have a better knowledge of roads. ViaMichelin is a tire manufacturer enterprise that launched the ViaMichelin GPS App for Android. The app not only suggests you with the real-time traffic information but guides you through the hard and tricky routes by a voice narration. The main aim of this app is to make your traveling experience better and comfortable. Moreover, It also provides you with some excellent tips for planning your trips. ViaMichelin helps you suggest the best hotels or tourist places as you want.

Price: ViaMichelin is a free online GPS App.


BackCountry Navigator Topo GPS Pro

Maps are an essential aspect of any outdoor trip. BackCountry is a very great choice for you if you are an adventurer! BackCountry is a GPS navigation tool for hikers or outsiders. It helps you by showing you the nearest routes for your desired location. BackCountry’s offline feature lets you use the app even when there is no internet or cellular connection available. Regardless of where you are going, BackCountry has you covered as there are tons of maps to choose from. You can access the app for free, whereas the paid version of the app lets you download boundary maps & much more.

Price: Free & paid versions are available to download. The paid version costs from $9.99 to $29.99.


Maps Measure


Maps Measure is an app that is trusted by millions of people. The app is easy to use and user-friendly. If you don’t like tricky & trendy GPS apps, then this one is a perfect one for you! Maps Measure. This app lets you evaluate fields as an app, which is very easy and simple to understand, and it fulfills all your needs. Maps Measure app helps point your desired location from your current location and gives you the easiest route possible. Just not only that, this GPS app lets you measure the point so you can reach your desired location from your current location. Maps Measure can smartly help you travel and take shorter distances; this is an ideal app for you if you occasionally travel alone.

Price: Maps Measure is a free and best GPS apps for Android.


Magic Earth

Without an internet connection finding routes might be challenging, but Magic Earth is a free and old GPS App for Android.this is an exceptional GPS App for anyone looking out for routes. This app does not offer any fancy features like voice navigation or stuff. But then it does give you features which are offline like in which you can view your saved location’s routes. Magic Earth provides you with a 2D and 3D view of your location; along with that, this app also gives upcoming weather information. This weather update function of the app will help in scheduling your traveling.

Price: Magic Earth is a free GPS app for Mobile.


TomTom GO

TomTom offers maps for the entire world and promises you a hassle-free drive. This app is one of the best GPS apps rated for Android. This app allows drivers to experience the real-time services of online navigation without using much data. Moreover, this app provides you with the smartest routes to your desired location with its unique real-time traffic sense. Another good thing about TomTom is that it has a unique Advanced Lane Guidance (ALG) Navigation tool that ensures you are driving in the correct lane.

And if you want to save maps and use them later for navigation, this app also provides you with this feature, but here comes the bad part! The maps you save get updated regularly, and those updations put a deep dent to your phone’s data storage.

Price: TomTom GO is available for free to download.


Smart Navi

Smart Navi is a great app because this app gives you a heads-up with its GPS independent feature. While most of the GPS apps strain your phone’s battery, Smart Navi is a great navigation app. This app helps you save 85% of your phone’s battery, so you don’t really need to carry a pocket charger. Smart Navi is a very safe and lightweight app. Since this app uses your phone’s built-in map feature, it does not get updated with the open street app. Which might fail to give you correct direction towards the location you desire

Price: Smart Navi is a free GPS app for Android.


Offline Maps and Navigation

Trying to find a basic yet effective GPS navigation app? Download Offline Maps and Navigation! It’s the one most people recommend. As the name says, this app gives you access to the map without any internet connection. This app offers you standard navigation tools functions like traffic updates and speed limit alerts. Even If the app says it does not require a working internet connection, it will still lack in giving you the perfect routes.

Price: Offline Maps and Navigation is available for free to download.


Final Words

There is no shortage of Android GPS and navigation apps available in the play store. Most of the apps mentioned above are available offline and online, with great features that help your daily life much more comfortable. Technology is a thing we cannot survive even a day without the use of it. These best GPS apps have helped us a lot to groom ourselves by saving their time and energy. Thus, we all cannot neglect the fact that GPS App is important and a must to have in your phone. A best GPS app not only helps in navigating your desired location, but it also is an efficient mobile app that saves your time.

We all know that every type of app is a system and systems do hang, buffers, or sometimes give inappropriate results, and all the above-mentioned best GPS apps for android are reliable and credible to some extent, but most of the time, you can trust these apps. GPS apps have created a new domain of business opportunities, which is a massive benefit. Business owners and entrepreneurs have started to invest in the businesses of GPS navigation very quickly, which is very beneficial for app developers and users. 

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