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How to Use Google Drive- Tips, Tricks, and Complete guide

Published on: Aug. 28, 2020


How to Use Google Drive- Tips, Tricks, and Complete guide

As the world becomes more and more digital, the use of storage files and devices increases. All the data is now stored in mini portables and applications, rather than bundles of sheets. These handy devices and storage applications are necessary because one can’t predict what will happen in the near future. Perhaps a flood will come that leaves your business documentation on the verge. To cope up with these issues, it is important to have file storage software that is easy to use and have access to all.

Google Drive is one of the storage services providing software and is marked as the best for both professional and daily use. Not only it just gives you space to save your files, but also you can carry it anywhere without any hustle. Google Drive gives you security and also allows you to share your documentations with your friends and family.

What is Google drive?

Google Drive is an integral component of G Suite, developed by Google. It is a file storing and synchronizing software evolved to meet the storage requirements of the present time. From giving you free space of 15GB, it provides you with so many diverse options that no one can think of having any other mode of storage. It permits you to edit, customize, share, and secure your files. G Suite is a software by Google which contains many file formatting, editing, and sharing components, and Google Drive is the main part of it. Google Drive comes up with advanced privacy and security options, letting everyone to trust and use it.

Why use Google drive?

There are so many cloud and data storage applications in the market, by which everyone gets confused easily about which one to choose. If you are among these, here are some researches for you that let your doubts fade away.

Research in 2018 by Statista was conducted in the United States. It contains 34 respondents who are provided to answer how Google Drive is better than any other electronic file storing options. The results are below.

Image Via Statista

ow there is no doubt in using Google Drive as this data shows users’ experience, and experience is the teacher of everything. From providing so many specs, accessibility to all devices, security, and everything with no cost, Google Drive is the best software to store your files and documents. Even if you are a student and don’t want to carry so many books, just save all the soft copies to Google Drive and read wherever you want.


How to use Google Drive?



If you are new to this and don’t know how to get started, this article is for you. Just follow the simple and easy steps to get rid of this advanced world storage issue.


to Gmail:



Make a Gmail account by merely logging/Signing into the Gmail account by username and other requirements. This step is not crucial, but to stay connected with your fellows and share your daily presentations with everyone, it is necessary.


Open Google drive:

Step 1. Open drive.google.com at your computer, tablet, phone, or any other device.

Step 2. A Google Drive page opens, showing you the options of uploading or syncing your files.


How to upload Files and Folders in Google Drive?


By clicking that, you can upload files and folders up to 15GB. It even allows you to edit and customize the format of the files. There are some in-built formats and templates, also like Letters, Brochures, Presentations, etc. You can use them too.


How to share your Google Drive folders?



There is also a sharing option on Google Drive. After clicking it, you can add the required Gmails of the recipients and then Click ‘’Done’’. Your files will be shared with no hustle and by just a click. If you are doing your private assignments or projects, and want it to be secret, click ’’ share with me’’. No one can see except you. You can access that folder any time anywhere by just connecting with your Google account.


Features of Google Drive:

Google Drive is a platform with so many usages. It is not only the best application to store your important files but also best for editing and formatting. Here are some tips and tricks mentioned, which will benefit you in your work.


1. Research option in Google Drive:


Whenever you write something in the search, there is a built-in feature of Google Drive that searches the images and documented words related to your drive folders. For example, if you write “Weather,” it shows you the recommendation of the phrase and files related to it. It also shows you the pictures of the searched word if you have any in your Drive folders. Thus if by any means you don’t remember the folder name of your data, then you can search the words related to it, and it shows you the suggestions of the words and pictures related to it. It is relatively easy and straightforward to understand for everyone. Google Drive is thus the most user-friendly software for storage.


2. Free 15 GB space in Google Drive



Yes, you got it right. Google Drive provides you with a free space of 15 GB. Not all storage applications deliver this facility. You can store so many presentations, projects, business attachments in just one storage application. If you are a student and worried that your assignments and projects might be deleted due to your partially operating computer, this app is for you. You are at your school and want to open the project, just connect your device to Google Drive and it contains all your notes in it. You can even make a separate folder for your daily notes and read it even when you are traveling or in a remote place.

3. Privacy and security:

Leave your essential documentations to Google Drive. It provides you full security and privacy of your papers and work. No one can get access to your work without your permission. It often happens that you have a portable device with all your personal and work-related information in it, and it either gets malfunctioned, or any error comes in it. All of these issues get a solution just by using one storage drive, Google Drive. It provides you security with encryption. Google teamed with the security agencies to make Google Drive a secure tool to use for everyone. This feature helps in building the trust of the users and making it more business-friendly. Google drive is the safest, reliable, and dependable application for everyone.

4. Google Drive is accessible from all devices:

Don’t panic if you want to transfer your files and folders from one device to another. Google Drive is your assistant in that. It helps you to connect on any device. From Android, IOS to windows, it is easy to access for all devices. It happens to everyone once in a lifetime that your desktop stops functioning due to unknown reasons. Then no need to worry about your pictures, videos, or files; everything can be stored in it. This quality is not present in any other cloud storage application. Google Drive is the demand of every device in this era. From security to accessibility, it delivers you everything under one roof. You don’t need to burden your device with extra software, as Google Drive can do all your work.

5. Collaboration with everyone:

Google Drive helps you to stay connected with your friends and family. It even allows you to share your data with everyone. You can enable the feature of commenting to get to know about other people’s ideas and views regarding your documented files. There is an option in the toolbar ‘’Add comment’’. You can highlight the text and share your thoughts regarding that text. It is an excellent feature, perhaps as it allows everyone to get creative and thoughtful about certain aspects. You can enable specific contact as collaborators, and even the option of editing, viewing, and commenting is in your hands. This is one of the best features of Google Drive as other file storing applications do not provide the user with such advanced options. You can send the link of your folders to your makes with just a click, and they can have access to that folder in no time. Google Drive solves all your sharing files problem.

6. Advanced tools For Writing, Presenting, Drawing, And More:

There are so many advanced tools in Google Drive that one can’t even imagine. From writing to editing, formatting it gives to every attribute. It has even the option of saving pictures and videos of you and your loved ones. As Google Drive is updating and advancing day by day, it has a new feature of even syncing faces. You can make a folder of one person as one folder as it detects the facial notes. It auto-generates so many animations, videos, collages, and adds a unique touch to your memories. You don’t need to download any separate app to edit your photos and videos if you have Google Drive. Other advanced tools include drawing, presentations, and power points. You can draw your thoughts out at Google Drive and don’t need to worry about the space as it has an auto-save option. You can make your presentations in a unique and simple format that is already provided by Google Drive at no cost. If you want to showcase your work at school, make powerpoints using the colors and formats by this application, Google Drive is all you need.

7. How to use Google Drive in Offline mode?



You can have access to Google Drive if you have a poor internet connection. Just click’’ settings’’. An offline mode option will appear. Mark it, and here you go. You can now use it without an internet connection. This feature is of great importance for people who travel and work at the same time. There are many places with no internet connection, or you don’t want to spend extra money on your internet packages, so just turn on the offline mode of Google Drive. You can use all the features of it. You can read your files and books everywhere. But for sharing your files, you need to have an internet connection on Google Drive.

8. How to Backup files in Google Drive?

Google Drive is all about new and advanced features. It provides you with a scanning as well as a backup option.  If something gets deleted unconsciously and you want to get it back, Google Drive can get it restored for you. Download the backup and sync application. Launch it on your desktop and connect it to your required Google Drive. It backups all your data. This shows how essential and purposeful Google Drive is. You need not worry about any problem or issue, as it is so advanced and diversified that it can deal with all those problems.

9. How to sync Google Drive with other devices?


Sync is a short form of synchronization. It means that whenever you scan a device with another, they both get synchronized. It simply means that your data is on both devices now. Google Drive helps you to sync your data to your personal computer or phone and vice versa with just a click. To do this, just open the ‘’upload folder’’ at Google Drive. Then open the folder you want to sync, and it gets synced. This helps you to keep your devices interlinked. There is no such application in the market that gives you so many advanced features as Google Drive does. It is like a pocket full of power. And the best part is everyone can access it at no cost.

File reports:

Google Drive now offers you a file report system. It can help you in detecting the changes you did in your folders in the last thirty days. This allows you to keep in track as you know about all the changes you made in your files and if you want to review these changes and amend it. This is one of the facilities that no other application provides.

This all shows how Google Drive is important and crucial in everything. From making and editing memories, storing files, and sharing the total, it all provides you under one roof. Google Drive is thus the top-ranking cloud storage application.


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