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How to watch free movies online?

Published on: Oct. 11, 2020


How to watch free movies online?

Many people love to watch movies, but they don’t want to pay for any subscription fee for the movies. If you find yourself under such a dilemmic situation, you don’t want to miss this article. Getting paid streaming services is easier than ever now, but have you ever given thought to a free online movie service that is secure and completely legal? Many websites provide free streaming services; however, most of these sites are not safe and legal. Fortunately, we have curated a list of free sites that are secure and free to stream your favorite movies! 

Here’s our list of the best streaming sites that are secure and free.

Best Free Movie Apps


1. Tubi TV


Tubi is one of the many free and secure streaming services. They have an extensive library that consists of over 200,000 movies and different TV shows. Also, their streaming technology is superb, and they provide you a personalization engine that lets you explore the best content.

The best thing about Tubi TV is that it is available on almost every platform – iOS, PC, MAC, Android, Apple TV, Roku, PlayStation 4, the web, Xbox One,  Smart TVs, and much more, you name it! As good as it sounds, it is completely free and secure.


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(Image Credits: Tubitv.com)

Moreover, if you are a classic movie lover, Tubi TV is just the website for you! It has partnered with over 200 classic content providers. Do these movies, Wizard of OZ, Classic Kane, and The A-team ring a bell? Luckily, Tubi TV contains not only these but much more classic content than you think! Tubi TV can be a great supplement to Netflix subscribers. The content that is unavailable on the streaming giant – Netflix is easily found on Tubi TV. 

Paid version: none, it is 100% free. 

If you want to explore Tubi TV, click here


2. SnagFilms


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(Image Credits: republicworld.com)

Do you love to watch documentary films? If yes, SnagFilms is the best video-on-demand site for you! Let’s face it, documentary films are rare to find on the internet; however, SnagFilms sports a vast library of documentary and narrative films that you cannot find on any other streaming site. Yes, even the paid ones. SnagFilms has over 10,000 free documentary and independent narrative content. Founded in 2008, SnagFilms has partnered with many documentary film providers.  

Also, SnagFilms lets you watch their content on dozens of streaming platforms. For instance, you can watch your favorite documentary on Roku, Kindles, iOS, Android, and much more. The web version also has a user-friendly interface that lets you explore your favorite content without any hassle. The website can be used internationally; however, there are some content limitations on citizens of U.S and Canada. 

Paid version: none, completely free. 

If you want to explore SnagFilms, click here.


3. Kanopy


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(Image Credits: Kanopy.com)

Kanopy is one of the rare ad-free websites that is also free to use. Kanopy was initially founded as an educational source; however, it has gained tremendous fame in the streaming service markets over the years.

It has a vast library of over 30,000 films that are mostly documentaries and independent films. Since Kanopy has established partnerships with many libraries, it provides a wide range of films that can be used as an educational supplement for academics as well. Nevertheless, Kanopy also provides its users with all sorts of movies.

The app has both paid and free version. 

The paid version costs around $150 for 1-year license and $350 for 3-year license.

If you want to explore Kanopy, click here.


4. IMDb TV


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(Image Credits: IMDbtv.com)

Does the word “Freedive” ring any bells? Yes, it is the former name of IMDb TV. IMDb TV is owned by Amazon, it has tons of video content; mainly, movies and TV shows. The best thing about IMDb TV is that it is completely free; however, the TV shows and movies come with ad supports.

It shows many Disney-owned TV shows such as Star Wars, The Muppets, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Aladdin, The Lion King, and much more! IMDb TV is the only website yet, that lets you watch some of the best Disney TV series for free. Other movies such as The Tree of Life, A separation, The Turin horse, Drive, and many more are included.

IMDb TV can be accessed on many platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire devices, the Web, Amazon prime, Tablets, Smart TVs, and iOS, Android phones. Unfortunately, IMDb TV operates in the U.S only; however, the developers are looking into a potential network expansion throughout the European countries.


Paid version: Completely free, an ad-supported service. 


If you want to explore IMDb TV, click here. 



5. YouTube



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(Image Credits: Youtube.com)


If you don’t know about YouTube, what do you even know? It is the video hosting service that has amassed the populations across the world. You must have watched silly videos of dogs and funny vines on YouTube. Nevertheless, many movies and TV shows are lurking in the vast libraries of YouTube. These movies and shows are mostly novelties; however, many good picks are lurking and only need to be discovered by you! 

Moreover, thousands of movies and films are uploaded by different YouTube users. However, you have to be able to search for those movies with precise keywords. Mostly, older movies are widely available on YouTube. On the other hand, the newer and latest movies are available in curated parts and episodes. Let this not discourage you; you are still watching the content for free. The content that someone is paying to watch.

YouTube is imposing restrictions and copyright strikes on the users who upload video content of others without consent. This also happens because YouTube has developed its own Streaming service and don't want their users to get the gems for free. All of this has made watching free films and movies on YouTube very hard. Nevertheless, you can still watch plenty of content that is waiting for you to discover it.

Paid version: Completely free.

If you want to explore YouTube, click here.  



6. Popcornflix


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(Image Credits: popcornflix.com)

If you love action, comedies, and thrillers, Popcorn flix is just the website for you! It is a free streaming service and ad-supported; also, it contains tons of TV shows and movies. If you are someone who hates ads, this is not the website for you, but as they say, beggars are not choosers. You should get what you can for free. However, popcornflix boasts about containing a vast library of almost every genre, covering many documentaries and independent films.

Popcornflix is available on many platforms. It can be accessed through the web, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Amazon, Google Play, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Roku apps.

Paid version: completely free and ad-supported service. 

If you want to explore popcornflix, click here.  



7. Hoopla


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(Image Credits: hoopladigital.com)


Hoopla was initially introduced for educational purposes, but it soon became a streaming service for many users. All you need is a library card, and you can watch tons of films and movies for free and without any ads. Hoopla has established partnerships with many libraries; this, in turn, has enabled Hoopla to provide tons of content to its users. 

Founded in 2008, Hoopla is one of the rare free streaming services that let you explore its content without any ads. It also supports all the platforms that include browsers such as iOS, Apple TV, Smart TVs, Android, and many more. As of now, you can have free access to Hoopla with a library card of U.S or Canada based library. The extension of the libraries across the world is in works. 

Paid version: it is pay-per-title service, not a subscription based streaming service. Librarians pay around $1.00 - $2.00 per title. 

If you want to explore Hoopla, click here.


8. Vimeo


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(Image Credits: Vimeo.com)

YouTube may have amassed millions of people with its video hosting services. Still, Vimeo may surpass YouTube in the coming decade. Vimeo comes up with a clean interface and free of ads content that is a big up when compared to YouTube. Over the years, this free ad strategy has attracted numerous active Vimeo users. This, in turn, has promulgated short films, movies, documentaries, and independent films on the platform. Vimeo also provides its users with a premium service in which you can buy TV shows and full-fledged movies. Nevertheless, by using correct and precise keywords, you can land on some great flicks on Vimeo.

Paid version: Completely free.

If you want to explore Vimeo, click here. 



9. The Roku Channel


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(Image Credits: roku.com)


Initially, the Roku device was free, but it required Roku’s streaming device in order to access its content. However, now Roku has developed and is available to everyone through various platforms. You can access Roku via Android, the web, Roku players & TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, and more. As good as it sounds, it also has a feature of Live TV; however, it comes in the premium version of this streaming service. 

The service has established different partnerships and sports over 10,000 films in its vast libraries. Roku channel is known for providing the old favorites and letting people explore their childhood times. Old classical movies such as 12 angry men, The Godfather, it's a wonderful life, 2001: a space odyssey, vertigo, and much more are present in Roku's libraries. It is entirely free to use and is ad-supported. However, before watching your favorite movie, you have to sign up for your account. Don't worry. It is a swift and easy process. Roku channel is looking to potentially expand their services internationally; however, right now, they provide services in the U.S and Canada only.

Paid version: Roku streaming devices start at $29.99 

If you want to explore Roku, click here


10. Pluto TV


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(Image Credits: pluto.tv)

Pluto TV is one of the most underrated free streaming service websites. Pluto TV, as underrated as it is, provides a wide range of films and movies for free, and it lets you explore its Live TV free of cost as well. Also, it hosts recommended video content from the web. We cannot say anything about Live TV; the channels may be of your choice or not. Nevertheless, our main focus is on movies. If you are a movie explorer and want to watch anonymous movies, then Pluto TV is just the website for you. It lets you watch the movies on Live TV without you knowing what movie it is.

The Live TV has a curated and organized genre of movies. These genres can range from action movies and horror to classic and gravitas movies. Further, the genres, such as classic movies, documentaries, independent films, black cinema, and much more, are also present. As of now, the service is limited to some places; however, it is present in the U.S and some other countries.

On the other hand, Pluto's on-demand video library is not as vast and extensive as other websites. However, a supplement of Pluto Live TV plus the video library can be an excellent fix for you. Pluto TV, unlike the Roku Channel, is available on almost all streaming devices. These streaming devices include Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Roku streaming devices, and many more.

Paid version: none, completely free. 

If you want to explore Pluto TV, click here. 


11. Plex


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(Image Credits: plex.tv)


Plex is an underrated site with tons of features; it lets you manage your video format files and media files efficiently. As of now, Plex has initiated a streaming service that quickly became one of the best streaming services internationally. Plex has established many partnerships, some of the names include MGM, Lionsgate, Legendary, and Warner Media.

Unlike many other websites, Plex is available internationally in almost every country. However, there may be content limitations observed in some regions. Plex can be accessed through tons of streaming devices. If a streaming device supports Plex Client Software, it is good to go! Some of these devices include Smart TVs, Roku TV, Apple TV, and much more. To access the vast libraries of Plex’s streaming service and its other features, all you need to do is create a Plex account. 

Paid version: Plex basic account is free. However, Plex pass costs a monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions. These subscriptions are the following: 

  • $4.99/monthly 
  • $39.99/year
  • $149.99/lifetime membership. 


If you want to explore Plex, click here. 


12. Vudu


(Image Credits: vudu.com)


Did you ever know, Walmart owns a streaming service? Well, you know now. Vudu is owned by Walmart; it is well-known by many tech-gurus as a subscription-based streaming service. However, it contains ad-supported and free movies and films that you can watch. Action movies such as The Wave, The Faculty, and classic horrors such as the Last Shift can be easily found in the Free section of Vudu.

Vudu also provides some of its 4K and HDR content completely free. However, to access all these features, you would need a free Vudu account. Vudu streaming service supports plenty of platforms; these platforms include Apple TV, Gaming consoles: PS4, XBOX one, Samsung TVs, Android, iOS, and Roku.


Paid version: Completely free, has in-app purchases such as buying or renting a movie/TV show.


If you want to explore Vudu, click here. 


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